Female Fitness – Ines Garcia Case Study


Female Fitness – Ines Garcia Case Study

Since my career in the fitness industry started in 2005 I would say 80 percent of my clients have been females. I worked closely with Elite modeling agency In London prepping models for shows as well as travelling with princesses and a presidential daughter, my core client base however, has, and always will be the general public.

I’m using one of my recent clients Ines Garcia an international model as a case study.

Ines Garcia – Boss Models

I had been working with a personal training in Joberg for 3 months with no real result. My fitness increased but my body wasn’t changing, I found it very frustrating. Boss models introduced me to Tim, a specialist in female training. Tim’s approach was very unique, the first few sessions we didn’t even use any equipment, he taught me how to move better and activate the muscles I needed to focus on. The training was extremely specific to my needs and I quickly began to see results within two weeks.

I didn’t have a clue about nutrition, as a model I hadn’t been eating very much with the belief that it would get my measurements down. Tim sent me to a functional nutritionist to get a specific eating plan together for me, but that was only the start. Tim needed to see what and when I was eating so had me whatsapp pictures of everything I eat. I found it quite difficult in the beginning but as the weeks went on and with his coaching it became easier to implement the types of food I should be eating. Surprisingly I was eating more, which was very scary for me but I was dropping measurements especially around my hips. My modeling career started to get busier and busier and with travelling and shoots coming up all the time I had to stop working with Tim. I’m very happy I was introduced to him and he really showed me that general training doesn’t work and has helped me to implement a healthier mind set around nutrition. Ines Garcia

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Females Fears

I would say that working with the female body is more complex than males. Monthly cycles and childbirth can have a big affect on how the body performs. In addition to this most women are more precise about the type of body they want.

Bulky Legs

Big legs has been a huge complaint amongst many of the clients I have worked with. Whilst lunges and squats are the most common solution to tone up legs and bums they are often misunderstood

Should you List Heavy Weights?

This is probably the number 1 fear for most women who are looking for the long lean look. I have in the past used quite heavy weights on female clients simply to get a metabolic response and the result has been great. Heavier weights when used correctly can yield much faster results without bulking. Personally I prefer to focus on specific movements to get the body I want for the client and don’t need heavy weights to do this, again the focus must be on correct movement patters.

Generic Programs Lead To Generic Results

I always tell clients when I start working with them that I have no idea how I’m going to train them or how long it will take to get results initially. Until I get to know a client, their lifestyle and how their body moves I cant possibly prescribe a solution. My training is reactive and intuitive with the principles of years of education with Faster Global wrapped around it.

Generic programs will often lead to generic results, disappointment and is a huge reason why many stop exercising. When you exercise know exactly what you want to achieve from the session and during that session pay attention to what your body is telling you. If I could give one peace of advise it would be this. Feel your body when you are exercising don’t keep repeating movements that aren’t working for you, if you want to hit a specific body part create movements that work for you. BE SPECIFIC.

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