Food Review: Mirabella Bar And Kitchen, Andheri

One of the best things about food these days is the presentation. With endless choices to eat at, the obligation to look and feel different has become all too inevitable.

Mirabella bar and kitchen manages to create a space that’s truly extravagant and special. With the prettiest interiors in a garden setting – bougainvillea flowers at every footstep, green hanging plants by the hundreds, butterfly sofas, a chatty, smiling chef, this place has nailed the fine art of creating an experience quite perfectly.


The one-page menu labeled ‘Signature healthy Menu’ curated by Karishma Sakhrani (Masterchef India Finalist) is largely vegan with some dishes that are vegetarian (for those who don’t know the difference shall Google).

We ordered for Vegan Bruschetta Omlet, Asian Bok Choy Salad, Mushroom Barley Risotto (Main course) and Hazelnut Pot De Crème (dessert).

The vegan Omlette with spinach and mushroom was gluten-free with a pancake-style base made from tofu and almond milk slow-cooked on a pan. Creatively crafted, it looked and tasted as good as any refined bread. The spinach and mushroom stuffing was nice but could have been more flavorsome.

The Asian Bok Choy Salad was yum! We loved the explosion of flavours – the mad chaos of tangy tamarind sauce with the sweet Indian chicky and the dash of zesty lemon, was delightful. It came highly recommended by the chef who insisted we cannot leave the place without trying this salad and we absolutely agree!

The only vegan main-course on this menu, the Mushroom Barley Risotto, was perfect. This dish had a lovely chewy-ness to it and the mushroom sauce (cooked in sesame oil) was incredible. Ever since going vegan, finding a good risotto that doesn’t taste like boiled rice has been quite a journey and we’re glad it finally ended here.

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For dessert we ordered, Hazelnut Pot De Crème a tofu based dessert with toasted hazelnuts and coffee. We will recommend it if you have a taste for tofu and can handle slightly bitter desserts. It got the texture perfect but needed just a dash of cocoa or melted dark chocolate, as we would like to imagine it.


Enormous with a flair for tasteful interiors, the place is poetic about plants. Filled with the green energy, the place is refreshing and has a laid-back vibe.

Founded by Swaraj Kapoor, (co-owner of Elbow Room), this place has 3 levels – a bar with live music (and a dance floor), a lounge and a café and 2 floors up with a Moroccan-themed restaurant that is still in progress.

They also have tables with a seating for 15-20 people at a stretch, making it an ideal place for events and celebrations.


We were fussed over from the minute we got here. This place is over-staffed and we are not complaining. Smiling and courteous the servers were always around to ask if we needed anything.

The chef, Vansh Khanna was happy to be called in for the vegan order and offered many suggestions and was keen to get the feedback on every dish.

When we asked for a cup of coffee in non-dairy milk, it was their first time with such an order and they executed it wonderfully. Espresso shot with almond milk, tastes so good!

Keep your Google map handy to find the place. A meal for 2 costs around Rs.1800 (with taxes).

The Eco Trunk reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals. All the dishes ordered are vegan. We also support organic and gluten-free wherever possible. Stay tuned for more vegan reviews!

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