The Ultimate Guide on How to Stock Up a Makeup Artist Kit


How Stock Up Makeup Artist Kit
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Makeup artists aren’t fully armed for their jobs without the necessary products for applying makeup. This is why a fully-stocked makeup artist kit is essential to their very existence. Without it, they cannot function properly. It has to have multiple makeup and other beauty tools needed to enhance their clients’ looks.

There is a dizzying array of makeup available in the market today, but a makeup artist just needs the best products that will work well in various situations and mediums, whether it is for print, television, film or real-life. It should be well-edited so that it will be easier to carry a lot of products in a small bag because makeup artists are always on-the-go, moving from one gig to the next.

A cream foundation and concealer palette with different shades that range from light to tan and has warm, cool and neutral undertones is a must-have. It will be enough to use on models and clients that have different skin tones and the shades can be mixed to get a perfect skin tone match. A loose, translucent powder is also important to set the foundation and concealer, as well as take out the shine.

Next up are the colorful eye shadows. Get the powder eye shadows because these are the most versatile. Plus, they last the longest on the skin and they don’t expire as fast as creams and liquids. These types of kits are never complete without eye shadows because these are responsible for the numerous looks that can be done on a client. An eye shadow palette with neutral, dark and bright colors should be included. It allows makeup artists to use and transport a variety of colors.

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The neutral shades in the eye shadow palette can be used for the no-makeup look and the bright shades can be used for the avant-garde look. The darkest shades can also double as eyeliners or they can be used to slightly darken the eyebrows. A black, volumizing and curl-enhancing mascara is also important to enhance the eyelashes.

How Stock Up Makeup Artist Kit
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To complete a client’s look, makeup artists need to use lip colors. A lip palette is also a makeup artist’s best friend. It should have colors ranging from nude, rose, berry to red. It can be mixed and matched to get customized colors. Makeup artists can also bring various lipsticks, but it is more convenient if the lip colors are in a palette. For glossy lips, a clear lip balm or lip gloss can be used over the lip color.

In order to add a bit more color to the face, blush is also an essential product for makeup artists. Without it, clients can end up looking pale. Blush palettes with rose, berry, pink and coral shades are the best ones to get because these shades are universally flattering.

Aside from the makeup palettes, makeup artists need tools in order to apply makeup properly. Makeup brushes, sponges and powder puffs must be in their bags, as well as makeup remover, brush cleaner, scissors, pencil sharpener, tissues, head bands, cotton buds and cotton balls.

Tools for the eyes should also be part of their kits, including eyelash curler, tweezers, fake eyelashes and eyelash glue. Of course, part of being a makeup artist’s job is to be sanitary, so hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol, breath mints and wet wipes should be used at all times!

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A perfect kit of such a type should include the items mentioned above. Just put these items in a durable and lightweight bag or train case with lighted mirrors and it’s good to go. They will be indispensable for makeup artists and are a great investment for them to do an excellent job every time.


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