How to Use Peptides For Weight Gain and Fat Burning


How to Use Peptides For Weight Gain and Fat Burning

Do you want to use peptides for weight gain and fat burning? Then be sure to read the detailed instructions how to properly plant and prick these drugs.

We will assume that with the choice of Boss Peptides you have already decided and purchased them. Now we will tell you how to prick the peptides and what you need to use these drugs. In addition to the peptides themselves, you must buy insulin syringes and a solvent. As the latter, bactericidal water or water for injection can be used. Most athletes prefer the first solvent, but if you cannot buy it, then water for injections is quite suitable. You can buy these solvents in a simple pharmacy.

Syringes should have a capacity of 100 (1 milliliter) or 50 (0.5 milliliters) units. The manufacturer of syringes is of no fundamental importance, although athletes often recommend BD products. This is due to the fact that these syringes introduce all the solution contained in them, without residue. Often a small part of the drug remains in the syringe.

It should also be recalled that if the skin is very tender, then the injection of any injectable preparation is accompanied by strong enough pain sensations. To minimize them, it is best to use novocaine or ice medicine as a solvent for peptides. These are painkillers that will make the drug administration process softer. Here again it is worth returning to the company BD and its products. Many athletes say that the needles from these syringes are as thin as possible, which also facilitates the introduction of peptides.

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How correctly to calculate the dosage of the peptide?

Most often, peptides are used in amounts of one to three micrograms per kilo of body weight of the athlete. For example, with a weight of 100 kilos, the maximum one-time dosage will be 300 micrograms. However, this is true if the peptide is used solo.

Most courses of drugs involve creating a synergistic effect from a combination of peptides, which allows you to reduce their dose to two micrograms per kilo of your body weight.

Correct calculation of dosage is no less important in comparison with knowing how to prick peptides. As an example, choose one bottle of which contains five milligrams of the active component. The algorithm of your actions will be as follows:

  • Add to the bottle 2 ml of solvent, say, bactericidal water.
  • We compose the proportion of 2 milliliters = 5 micrograms, after which we can bring these units to the next form – 200 units = 5000 micrograms.
  • One syringe per 100 units can contain one milliliter of solution.
  • Having decided the proportion compiled in the third paragraph, we get that one unit of the syringe volume corresponds to 25 micrograms.

After all these simple calculations we have obtained that 100 micrograms of the peptide solution corresponds to 4 units, which must be filled in the syringe.

The most popular among the builders in one bottle which contains 5 milligrams of the active ingredient. At the same time, there are peptides that are packaged by producers and two milligrams each. The calculation algorithm will be similar to the previous one. But we will slightly simplify the problem and say that, say, 300 micrograms corresponds to 30 units of the volume of an insulin syringe. Before starting the use of peptides, examine the scale of the syringe in order to avoid an error.

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