I Can Not Lose Weight: What I Can Do?


I Can Not Lose Weight What I Can Do

Many people want to lose weight but do not always manage to lose weight, or consider lowering weight is too small. After a few weeks of effort, many people stop and think, “I do not get thin”. Some are discouraged, others remain, but the fact is that if you feel in this situation, you can read these tips come in handy.

1. Do not be discouraged

The healthiest and lasting way to lose weight is through a progressive and lasting change in habits and lifestyle. Taking the issue of slimming as a sprint or even a marathon is an error. This is not to make a sustained effort to achieve a goal and then stop, is about changing habits to live more healthily, eating better and exercising.

Why should not think in a short time horizon, and do not get discouraged if it seems that the weight has not dropped enough for a few days or weeks. The important thing is to be aware that the fundamental changes take time. We must be demanding with oneself, but with measure. This is a progressive change, not titanic effort.

2. Calls professional advice

If you see that despite your efforts do not manage to lose weight, probably the best thing is to go see a professional, ideally a physician specializing in nutrition. This professional will not only guide you, but make track, answer your questions, warn of the dangers of certain shortcuts, and in short, accompany you on your way to a lower, healthier weight.

3. Balanced meals, several times a day

To lose weight, do not leave out any of the nutrients in a healthy diet. Be wary lot of diets that recommend you to increase or eliminate a food group (fats, carbohydrates, proteins). The right thing is to have a balanced diet, and eat small portions several times a day. If you have questions about the amounts of those portions, you can consult a professional.

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4. Physical Activity

The data show that a healthy and controlled diet is more effective for weight loss that increasing physical activity, but it would be a mistake to think that for this reason alone we must focus on the diet. Exercise is essential to your health, help you burn calories and tone up your body, something that is appreciated when a person loses weight. If you are not getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week, you should start there. In addition, if you already meet this minimum, you should consider increasing.

5. Flee miracle solutions

From a standpoint of motivation and psychology, it is perfectly understood that a person wants to lose weight fast, and is willing to go through any diet that seems to succeed, or even to drink a diet pills of dubious effectiveness. However, it is a mistake. People who lose weight quickly often recover quickly and I lost while distorted eating habits and put health at risk. Not worth it. To lose weight, the way that it is the progressive change that we mentioned earlier. Moreover, if sometimes you doubt this, think that many people profit from the hopes of the people, selling quite dangerous miracle solutions. Really, worth fill their bank accounts?


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