I Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush and Reusable Bamboo Straws, And It Changed My Life!


I Switched To Bamboo Toothbrush and Reusable Bamboo Straws, And It Changed My Life!

It’s no secret that we have increasingly been surrounding ourselves with materials that suck the life out of the planet, be it plastic bottles and bags to products being churned out from forest guzzling paper mills. But it is a relief to see colleagues, friends, family and even media becoming more aware of going beyond the slogan of going green!

Enter bamboo  one of the oldest eco-friendly material known to man, and the fastest growing woody plant. If you’ve also finally caught up on the revolution and are already picking up bamboo alternatives for day-to-day groove, pandas may find you cool now. As this favorite snack of theirs is nothing less than a superfood, absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than an average tree.

Imagine a plant in your backyard growing to four feet every day. And to thrive as it does, bamboo doesn’t even require pesticides or ask for much water. So yes, it’s not your average joe in the jungle and industries, too, are welcoming it with open arms to the concrete jungles.

I was recently aghast to read that plastic toothbrushes are humungous contributors to water pollution, a close second to plastic bags, contributing to over 5 trillion of plastic trash riding the waves. And thereon began my hunt to find a “good” toothbrush, in and out. Antifungal, antibacterial, odourless and long-lasting, such is the biodegradable toothbrush launched by The Eco Trunk, and I have been using one for a couple of weeks now. Along with the bamboo handle come charcoal bristles to eliminate chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in tap water. Small wins matter, so yay!

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And while it’s natural to have a few concerns around the processing of Bamboo, let’s hope that over time the industries can find more nature-friendly ways doing away with dyes and chemicals. Meanwhile, bamboo still remains one of the best renewable material to bring home be it as a house plant for purifying air, long-lasting heat- and stain-resistant cutlery and utensils, bamboo toothbrushes by the Eco Trunk toothbrushes to go plastic-free, and even furniture that’s even more durable than oak.

Along with a pack of toothbrushes, I also happened to pick up bamboo straws from the Eco Trunk for a trip, and have been swearing by it ever since, for the convenience and utility. If you enjoy traveling as much as I do, don’t forget to pick up things of utility, such as these straws and toothbrushes. You’d realize that these little things come in handy when you least expect them to and also make the biggest impact on the environment.

And it’s interesting how this topic can be a great conversation starter. People around you may be curious as to what these products are and why you are intent on carrying them along. That’s your cue be an eco-warrior. Start the conversation.


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