Interview With Manjiri Latey, Animal Communicator


Interview With Manjiri Latey, Animal Communicator

Humans are born with the gift of telepathy, which gets suppressed for practicality and materialistic pursuits. Manjiri Latey, Pune-based Telepathic Animal Communicator and Healer, believes, as we have gone higher the evolutionary rung, the less we know and perceive like our ancestors once did.

For Manjiri, the journey of communicating with animals started when she lost her pet suddenly while she was away on a trip. The guilt and the want to know where her pet was, made her seek out healers and animal communicators across the globe. Probe a little about the mysterious world of chatter with animals and she’s happy to share some lovely experiences with Monica Chopra.

Monica: So How Does the Animal Communication Actually Work?

Manjiri: Well, it’s just like a telephonic conversation that we have with a human. The animal does not need to be present in the physical form. We ask for a photograph and the name of the animal and that’s all the information we need to connect and communicate with them. And just like humans, some animals respond in a reserved manner and answer only when spoken to, while some love to talk excitedly and have lots to say!

Monica: In the 3 Years Of Communicating With Animals, Can You Tell Us About Experiences That Were Special and Unforgettable?

Manjiri: Yes, I can tell you from different species to different outcomes as well. We were working with a rescued donkey who had been beaten to pulp by his so-called owner. While communicating with him, he wanted me to forgive his human owner (for any further communication to continue) and reasoned that his human had no other family except him and he is ok to forgive the human for whatever he did to him. Such incidents are life changing.

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Animals also act as a mirror and if any member of the family has a life-threatening disease, they take it on themselves so as to warn the family member about the problem. Also when the animal is about to pass on, they act as a vacuum cleaner and suck out the negativity and life-threatening diseases from the main member of the family so that the human can continue to lead a long and healthy life. Such stories go beyond communication and opens up horizons.

Monica: What Do Animals Think Of Us, Humans?

Manjiri: Haha, well humans are the only species to live a life of incongruence. We show a different side to what we really are and animals are capable of seeing through us like glass. Animals see each person for who they are, and if your pet doesn’t like someone, that’s good reason you should be careful of that person too!

Also, if you notice stray dogs always bark at a rag-picker and not the general public walking on the road. This is because according to the animals, the rag-picker takes what does not belong to him and so his intentions are not good. They have an opinion on every human that crosses their path and their reactions are usually based on the intent and energy that the human carries with him/her. There are some dogs with a sense of humor too and they are happy to tease those who do not like them even more.

Monica: What about Circuses and Zoos. Animals are in terrible conditions, kept caged and confined and it’s heart-breaking to see them suffer like that. Have you spoken to some of them?

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Manjiri: Yes. It is terrible. I got into Animal Communication wanting to help them, but spiritually it is said that every soul chooses its own path and their suffering is part of the journey.

Some animals do come with the knowing that this is their path and they have chosen it in this lifetime. Some don’t. But they’re aware that they cannot get out of here and they guide us to not be so upset. Their idea of spirituality and energy is highly evolved, much more than humans.

Monica: So you’re saying we humans have regressed instead of progressed in areas like spirituality?

Manjiri: Yes totally. Our 2 points of grounding are our feet and that also we put shoes on! We live in buildings above the ground level, going further away from reality. We are a lost species right now.

Ants and reptiles have their bodies touching the ground, their idea on spirituality and perspective on life is amazing, much more evolved than humans.

Monica: What about trees? Do tree want to communicate with us too?

Manjiri: Yes, they do and the science is the same. Just that they aren’t as physically expressive as animals, so people tend to discount their existence.

For example, if a tree tends to get infected or infested, it is typically drawing out the infection from the human family or if there is a lot of negativity in the house the tree draws it out. But we humans will either chop it off or spray, without realising the root cause.

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Trees have the capability of communicating with each other over thousands of kilometers. If there is a drought in Gujarat for example, those trees will have communicated to the trees all the way till the tip of kanyakumari about the onset of the drought. Similarly, if many trees are being chopped in a garden…the rest of the trees will start shedding their leaves thinking that is going to be their fate as well.


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