A Good List of a Bridal Makeup Kit


List Bridal Makeup Kit
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For most women, walking down the aisle is a fruition of a childhood dream. This is the day when they can finally wear their dream gown, be made up like a princess and exchange vows with their prince. Although not all marriages end up happily ever after, the pictures and videos taken during the event would last even after the marriage has failed.

So aside from showing up at your best for the man of your dreams and for all to see, you must also consider the fact that this is one day when all the cameras are on you. A good and complete bridal makeup kit will help a lot in helping you achieve your goal for this very special day, plus of course, genuine happiness, which will be radiated on your eyes and by the way you smile.

The happiness must come from within, but good bridal makeup kit essentials can be shopped for as long as you know where to look and what to look for. Here are some hints on what comprise this kind of kit.

1. Waterproof mascara

While a regular mascara would feel lighter on the lashes, the event might be an emotional one, so it is best that you choose the waterproof type of this makeup. Aside from the tears, the occasion will require you to socialize a lot, so you won’t have much time to re-apply your makeup. This one will stay longer than the regular type.

2. Eye base

You might be tired, but it doesn’t have to show up in your eyes on the day of your wedding. This creamy solution will help in making your eye makeup last without fading or creasing. Once applied, this will create a water-tight finish, which can also help in brightening up your eye lids.

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3. Cake eyeliner

List Bridal Makeup Kit
Photo: Unsplash/Sonia Roselli

This will help you look your best on your photos, but before you get to that part, you have to perfect that manner on how this must be applied. This is typically applied using a flat brush and when done right, this will create an effect like you have full lashes. If you plan to do your makeup on your own, you have to buy this in advance so that you can practice its application.

4. Foundation

This primer is quite essential because it helps in keeping your makeup on throughout the event. This will also help in making your overall look appear natural even though the makeup is on the heavy side.

5. Lip pencil

For neutral, but sophisticated look of your lips, you have to try using this under a gloss. This will keep the color on your lips longer, while it also enhances the shape of your lips. It is recommended that you apply this using its side part in creating an outline.

6. Oil blotting film

You would not really have enough time to fix your makeup during the event, so it is best that you have this kind of product always ready on your purse. This will help you achieve a shine-free look on your pictures.

In buying a bridal makeup kit list, it is best that you invest on good brands than on cheap ones, but do not guarantee safety on skin and brilliant output. Good products will certainly help in making the occasion memorable and fun.

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