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Look Best Foundation Acne
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A lot of skins are prone to acne, and they do not do well with makeups in general. Makeups contain chemicals that can make acne attacks worse than imaginable. Acne usually occurs to people with oily skin as well as to those who are middle-aged. However, due to the advent of technology, there are already makeups compatible with acne prone skins in the market. Though they don’t provide a solution to the acne problems, they make its appearance tolerable under make up.

One of the essential makeups that can never be outside a makeup kit is the foundation. Make up foundation may be in the form of liquid, cream or cake. As the name connotes, foundation serves as the base of every makeup. It covers the face and makes it ready for additional colors such as blush, eye shadows and contours. As such, there is no way people can totally avoid applying it. People prone to acne can only hope to find the best foundation for acne. If you are one of them, here are some things to look for in a foundation:

1. Water-based

As much as possible, you have to look for a foundation that is water-based. Oil-based foundation tends to clog pores and make your skin oilier. As you already have an oily skin which brings about acne, you need to be careful to not use anything that can contribute to your already oily skin.

A water-based foundation can keep you covered without penetrating too much of your skin. It doesn’t feel sticky as well. In fact, some people without acne problems prefer this over oil-based ones because they are nonstick and easier to remove. The best foundation for acne prone dry skin should have this quality.

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2. Non-comedogenic

Look Best Foundation Acne
Photo: Unsplash/Diana Ruseva

Look for labels like non-comedogenic on your foundation. A non-comedogenic product will let your pores breathe as they will not be clogged in the process. Acne is often a result of clogged and dirty pores.

By using a product that won’t clog your pores, you will be ensured that your acne problem won’t be worse. Moreover, non-comedogenic products are usually oil-free, so you don’t need to worry about additional and harmful oils.

3. Organic

Anything organic or containing organic materials should be preferred by people prone to acne. This is because acne is often caused by harsh chemicals contained in makeups. Organic makeups contain less or no chemical at all.

They are generally hypoallergenic and are safe to use even by people with the most delicate skin type. However, even the most natural of products may cause you allergies, so always be on the lookout for things you are naturally allergic to.

4. Fragrance-free

The best foundation for acne scarred skin must be odorless. By having a delicate skin, you must aim for fewer chemicals. Others may not notice this subtle difference but fragrance-free products contain lesser chemicals than those with fragrance. The reason is because fragrance in itself is a chemical added to makeups.

They don’t usually affect the performance of the makeup and they probably won’t make much difference to people with healthy skin. But for people with acne, they could mean worse problems.


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