Protect Skin From the Sun is Not Just Apply A Cream


Protect Skin From the Sun is Not Just Apply A Cream

Today it is hard to find anyone in the pool or on the beach not apply sunscreen at least once, but is it enough to protect from the sun? We tell you what are the essential recommendations to protect your skin and your health this summer.

Sunscreen: choose the right and use it well

The first is to make sure we’re using the proper protective factor. As we discussed in our guide to choosing sunscreen, if we have fair skin should always apply ourselves more to 50 FPS, and if darker least 30. The under one year should never be exposed to direct sunlight, although from 6 months of age and can put them sunscreen, creams being of choice that have physical factor sunscreen.

Protectors we use have to be broad spectrum, i.e. indicating that protect against B (UVB) ultraviolet radiation and also against ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation. If you have a low FPS or just protect us from UV rays, they may help us avoid burns, but has not been shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

It is also important to check the expiration date and if the cream is last year, also ensure the duration in perfect condition once the package is opened. The symbol of an open plug and the number of usually indicate this written over months.

Beware schedules and oversights

We are already using the appropriate and adequately protecting, now we must also make sure not to expose to the sun at times of risk, ranging from about noon to four o’clock in the afternoon.

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The remaining hours, equally, we should use sunscreen, even on cloudy days because through clouds can spend between 50% and 90% of UV radiation, according to their density. The same when we’re under an umbrella that gives us protection but never does 100%.

To apply ourselves cream there are some parts of the body that tend to fall into oblivion and that we must keep in mind, as the instep, the area behind the knee (the popliteal), neck, ears, armpits, English or the eyelids. The face also need a high protection factor, although there is less fat and cosmetic options designed to care for different types of facial skin.

Not only on the beach, not only cream

Dermatologists advise to apply a sunscreen throughout the year, not just in summer or when we’re on the beach or the pool as it also put at risk our skin on the street walking, or doing other outdoor activities. Not to mention the mountain, where more height more watering, so this is a place to use a high SPF protection is vital.

In addition to the cream will also help protect us from the sun using light-colored clothing that reflects much of the light it receives, put on a hat with a brim and protect our eyes behind sunglasses, homologated and protection UV.

Finally yet importantly, rehydrate inside is essential, drinking enough water and eating fruits and vegetables, especially those high in lycopene and beta – carotene such as tomatoes and carrots, which help to prepare our skin to the Sun. In this sense, the smoothies are a perfect alternative to freshen up and fill of vitamins.

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