Top 10 Green Gifting (Hamper) Ideas This Diwali!


Top 10 Green Gifting/ Hamper Ideas This Diwali!

Right! So let’s start by admitting to this one thing. That deep down, in all of us, hides a child that loves gifts! We are always out looking for excuses to gift others and even more excited at the idea of receiving them.

So its Diwali, it is the season of gifts and we’ve tried to put together a list of gifting ideas that are beautiful, functional and responsible. It’s a genuine win-win.

1. Diwali Vegan sweets

Now we won’t even try to explain why sweets are a good gift for Diwali. But what we will do is highlight the fact that these sweets are 100% vegan and hence 100% love. There’s something for everyone those who savour the traditional mithais and those who enjoy western desserts. You can choose between our home-made delectable coconut ladoos, soft gulab jamuns and flavoured barfis as well as fudges and truffles.

2. Nut Butters

This world is just full of nuts! Thank God we can make butter out of some And we don’t just stop at peanuts. Browse through our collection of Nut Butters – Cashews, Almonds, Peanuts, Seeds and variations. They have a high protein composition and most of them are sugar free and oil free. So these aren’t just for the sinners but the ‘saners’ too. If you practise a healthy and active lifestyle, nut butter are a good pick.

3. Organic Chocolates

Also on our e-shelves are premier gourmet chocolates from the house of Earth Loaf. They are one of the first chocolate makers in the world to use organically certified Indian cacao beans. If that’s not inspiring, maybe this’ll help- there’s Smoked salt and Almond, Himalayan Fruit & Nut, Gondhoraj and Apricot, Cacao Nib & Palmyra Sugar and more. These chocolates are not just good taste, they are good food!

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4. Vegan Cakes

“It’s not an occasion for cake” said nobody ever! And the best part, we ship them all over India. So you can have one delivered right to you or to the ones you wish to surprise. All the cakes are Vegan and with a guaranteed ‘lip smacking goodness’ from our bakers.

5. Body Scrubs/Face Masques

When was the last time you indulged yourself or gifted someone you loved in Body Scrubs, Face Masques, Body Oils made with finest natural ingredients. All our products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and Natural.

6. Clothing for Men

Apart from the fact that Hemp is a far more sustainable crop than most others, Hemp as a fabric is equally impressive. It is light weight, UV and mold resistant and almost three times as strong as cotton. Combine that with its texture and versatility in apparel designs and you have an absolute stunner. Shop from our exclusive range of Hemp Shirts for Men this Diwali!

7. Clothing for Women

Stylish designs that are eco-friendly, sustainable and naturally dyed. Our exclusive range of hemp clothing and organic cotton in bright colours are sure to make heads turn. Let this be a start of new wardrobe that says “What I stand for, is what I stand on.

8. Organic Bedsheets

Made from responsibly sourced 100% certified organic cotton, our organic bedsheets are elegant and the material and the process together make it perfect for sensitive skin. And they are great for babies and children too.

9. Clay Cookware

This is something that occupies a special place in our hearts – a beautiful blend of the old and the new. It is a given that food cooked in clay cookware genuinely tastes better. Plus it has a lot of health benefits. Clay is alkaline by nature, it is non-toxic and keeps the food fresher for longer. And it is a choice that makes Mother Earth happy! Browse through our selection of hot pots, pans, tawas and thalis and pick up what suits your style of cooking.

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10. Upcycled Home Décor

Chic, unconventional and classy, these home décor ideas are a perfect match for your urban lifestyle. Planters, platters and more, designed for those who appreciate the unconventional.


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